In the present scenario, starting from girls of teenagers to old age women are much interested in all kinds of makeup. Therefore, the makeup plays an important role in all women life. Especially, the makeup for eyes is very essential for them to have the best look in their face.

Some may be not interested in eye makeup which is only because of their sensitive or watery eyes. It is a clearly stated that, just because of watery eyes does not mean you cannot wear eye makeup. Things to needed are to choose the best-branded product and say goodbye to the itchy, sore and sensitive eyes.

sensitive eyes during eye makeup

What causes your eye to water in any case?

The eyes may get itchiness, redness, and sore because of dust or allergens that are present in the air. This allergy may react to the makeup product that you are using may produce corneal infection, a side effect of eye strain or dryness in eyes.

There could also be a case like the lids will not close properly or the tear ducts are not open or it may be clogged. In that case, have to consult an optometrist in order to get your eyes to stop watering.

Tips to avoid water from eyes after makeup

There are some tips to prevent watering eyes during or after eye makeup. They include:

  • Choose and use a non-preservative eye drop that does not target to redness in the eyes before applying your makeup.
  • It is better to look for hypoallergenic makeup products like mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, etc. because the fragrances and dyes used in the product may affect and it would be irritating for sensitive eyes.
  • Using communal makeup by without cleaning of brushes or already used for someone else may lead to cause tears in the eyes. Therefore, it is just to make sure that your makeup is not expired and your brushes are clean.
  • Start the makeup with an eye primer or eye cream that helps to moisturize the under-eye area.

irritation and wateriness of eyes

Some other tips to stop water from eyes

  • Avoid using eyeliner in the inner area between the lashes and eyeball, which makes watery eyes.
  • Do not blink too much, tilt your chin up, and talk a deep breath, which avoids eyes watering when wearing makeup.
  • Keep tissues in your hand that acts as a blotter.
  • As the powder used under the eyes may actually absorb the water and make a streak in your face, so avoid using powder under eyes.
  • To avoid the irritation and wateriness of eyes, remove all your makeup around your eyes with makeup remover wipes at night.