Some people have straight hair naturally, and would like to make curls for their hair. Others may have naturally curly hair and wish to have straight hair. But few are there in which their hair actually changes its shape and texture by its own and not just because of the weather.

For some women says, the hair becomes very curly, very wavy and very frizzy when their kids hit their puberty. Therefore, these have to be changed and making curly hair look longer and straight enough.

When temporary curls in hair occurs?

When a woman takes a hair bath and gets out of the shower, it is nice to see the hair that looks so long and the woman wishes to have that look the whole day. But unfortunately, when your hair dries, it forms curls up to the ears and become shorter.

Tips to make your curly hair longer without using heat

There are some tips that help you to make the curly hair become straight and longer without any heating tools. They include

  • To make straight and long hair from the curly one, it is necessary to blow dry with cold air.
  • Then to wrap your hair.
  • Roll the hair with plastic rollers for short curly hair look longer.
  • The products you use on the hair should meant for straightening the hair.
  • Make a sleep with your wet hair.
  • Try to put a hair mask which helps in making your hair look longer.
  • Then apply with some essential oils to the hair.

curly hair look straight and long

Ideas that help in changing of curly to longer hair

On average, hair may grow half an inch per month or about six inches per year. But due to the forming of curls, it is felt that the process of hair growth is slower. In order to overcome and get curly hair look longer, some ideas are to follow:

  • Take bath with shampoo and rinse well.
  • Massage the hair in a good conditioner.
  • Take a towel and gently squeeze the excess water from the hair.
  • With a wide-toothed comb detangle the hair to get a straight long layered hair.
  • There is an oily substance called sebum, is taken in fingers and apply from the scalp to the end of the hair to get curly hair look longer.

So finally, it is necessary to avoid tight ponytails, elastics made of rubber or metal clasps that may stop your hair growth and shows your curly hair shorter instead of straight and longer.