Every woman wishes to make nail art with nail polishes of various styles and colors. Into everyone’s life, a little amount of nail polish must fall off. It could be done accidentally on any of your fabrics, furniture, wood, skin, hair, etc. This can be taken off when you act faster to remove nail polish from any of the material. In that case, most materials respond well to the solvents that already have to lie around the house. These kinds of the splitting of nail polish may happen only at the hurry burry situation to rush up for an occasion like functions.

remove nail polish from hairHappenings of nail polish on hair

When you are in the state to rush up for any function, the overall makeup gets a well-completed look and the problem only occurs with the nail polish. The nail polish may ruin your nails and paint up your hair when there is a need for urgency. Unknowingly if you touch your hair before the nail polish is dried, it may stick to your hair and spoils your complete hairstyle. In order to get nail polish out of hair, there is a solution to overcome.

Why not use nail polish remover on hair?

The commercial nail polish removers are quite easy to remove on nails, but it is little difficult to get nail polish off from hair of a human. The hair of human may be very fine and delicate which gets damage while using nail polish remover to remove the stuck nail polish.

Methods to remove nail polish from hair

There are some methods to remove nail polish from hair not by using nail polish remover. They are:

First is to isolate the particular strands of hair that covered with nail polish and put an ice cube on it. Try to remove much of hardened nail polish from the hair.

If it still remains then, put some amount of mineral oil on fingers and gently massage on the spot. If it noted, that nail polish begins to come out, continue the process to some extent.

Only at the final stage if you are unable to remove nail polish out of hair, then use nail polish remover on the cotton swab and dab on the hair to remove the nail polish.

Then rinse the hair to take out all the traces of nail polish remover or other substances like oil which is used to remove the nail polish on hair.