There are a lot of fancy scientific terms to describe the conditions of the skin like ashy skin, keratinized dehydrated disorder, xerosis, asteatosis, etc. But when it is considered to ashy skin, it is not much hard to describe and moreover it is just a nature of dry skin. This type of dry skin takes on a whitish or grayish color, much as like ashes which left after something had been burnt.

The appearance of ashy skin

The ashy skin is the most commonly seen on arms, elbows, lower legs, knees and heels. It looks like dandruff that does not lead to a serious condition, but it can be quite embarrassing. As it gives a dull, unhealthy appearance, no one wants these noticeable flakes. This may occur during the dry, arid climate or during winter. There are some tips available to avoid ashy skin.

ashy skin

Causes of ashy skin

The body processes new skin cells, as the dead skin cells shed from the surface of the skin. Then those cells travel through the epidermis to reach the top layer. The older cells pushed off by the new skin cells.

At certain cases, the dead cells may accumulate and form dry scales that do not properly go through the process of exfoliation. This forms a barrier that makes the skin look dull and will not able to absorb moisture. Due to dehydration may also cause ashy skin on the body.

Solutions for ashy skin to get rid of

There are some tips to get rid of ashy skin on the body parts like hand, leg, stomach, etc. The solutions are as follows

In order to come out from the dry or extra-dry skin, body lotions have to be skipped and choose for the body creams. As the lotions contain only lighter ingredients, it needs to reapply every couple of hours. However, whereas the body creams are heavier and seal in moisture for longer periods.

To keep your skin moisturized, avoid hot water bathing, showers and use of drying soaps. To avoid ashy skin on the body, seal up your skin with oil if you think that the heavy creams do not seem to be moisturizing.

When there is itchiness on your dry skin, do not scratch which may lead to making even cashier. Drink plenty of water that hydrates your skin and helps in getting rid of ashy skin. The ashy skin can be get rid of by applying a liquid shower gel in a circular motion on the body.