Contouring may have revolutionized the world of makeup a few years ago, but a mystery of beauty noobs remains the intricate technique. Where will bronzer be applied? What to emphasize? Have I just thinner my narrow nose? If you struggle with these problems too, we get it absolutely. Contouring can be a challenging job, if you’re a newbie, but we can motivate you to clock it like a pro.

First stuff, then: find out the shape of your face. It’s not one-size-fits-all contouring. It’s all about your face sculpture and your best features. When you know what the face you have all you have to do is make the bronzer and the highlight look toned and sharp.

So let’s get into Key reasons of contouring face without a lot of ado.


A square face type has the same width in front, jawline and cheekbones. Add the length of the face to the outside of the forehead and jawline by adding bronzer to highlight the pinches, the middle of your forehead, nose tip and chin.


If you have a curved jawline, almost the same length and width in your face, then you have a round face shape. Apply bronzer on your front, chin and cheekbones on your skin and jawline and highlight it.

controur faceDiamond

With striking cheekbones and a sharp jawline, concentrate less on contouring and more on enhancing. Enhance your cheekbones, your jaw and your forehead and just apply a slight bronzer under the cheekbones. And you’re done! And highlighting a face with contouring is the best option.


Did you have a wide front and narrow jawbones? Add your lower face width by adding bronzer on the middle of your jawline, which will make it look shorter and less pointed, and to take the width off of your upper face under cheekbones. Enhance your nose tip, forehead and greedy bow.


Broad, oblong, oval and rectangular faces have more width than them. Sweep under your cheekbones and on the outside edges of your forehead. Using the highlights such as cheekbones, brow bone, nose and chin bridge. You are able to rock, mix and blend.

Highlighting is a perfect addition to contouring. Where contouring essentially darkens the shadowy areas of your face, highlights the areas normal to light. The additional highlighting move increases the overall impact of contouring. Take a clean brush and add a light colour shade to the browbone, top of your cheekbones, middle of your forehead, nose bridge, chin centre, and top of your cupid bow.