Rebuilding our Infrastructure

We all know the daily frustration that New Jersey residents face dealing with NJ Transit and with the rest of New Jersey’s aging infrastructure. Despite high costs, the system and its riders are victim to delays, derailments, and cancellations.

Lisa believes that investing in new roads, sewer and water improvements, and high-speed rail is crucial for our district.  Reliable public transportation and 21st century roads, bridges and tunnels will retain our property values and improve the quality of life for New Jersey’s families.

New Jersey pays one of the highest rates, per capita, in federal taxes and gets one of the lowest amounts of federal dollars back. This needs to change; Lisa will fight in Congress to bring more of the tax dollars New Jerseyans send to Washington back to New Jersey. She believes that in a state that bears so much of the federal tax burden, our infrastructure should work

Lisa will work tirelessly to improve that experience for her constituents so that commuters and travelers can get to where they need to go.  Lisa supports the building of the Gateway Tunnel and will work to maintain and repair the roads and bridges here and across the nation. More importantly, Lisa will listen to the needs of her constituents and work to ensure that NJ Transit functions as it should so that people can get to work or school on time in the mornings and home to their families in the evenings.