Protecting Our Seniors

Everyone should be able to grow older with dignity, respect, and security. In Congress, Lisa will work hard to preserve Medicare and Social Security against Republican efforts to cut and privatize these programs.

Preserving Social Security

Seniors work hard their entire lives with the intention of accessing their Social Security benefits. We must ensure that this safety net is not turned into a private system subject to the ups and downs of the stock market.

Social Security helps seniors and our economy because it is a stable, important source of income. While there are concerns that funding for Social Security will run out, these concerns are long-term and must be addressed in a collaborative, bipartisan way that does not put the program at risk in the short-term.

Defending Medicare

It is clear that President Trump will do all he can to cut and slash away at Medicare, hurting our Seniors and denying them access to needed affordable healthcare options.

We must defend Medicare from cuts and changes, and instead bolster Medicare support so that seniors can attain better services and obtain greater access to the doctors they need.

Access to Safe, Affordable Housing

As many seniors live on fixed incomes, access to housing and communities that keep our older loved ones safe, allow them to have access to the specialized care that they need, but also let them live with dignity is of utmost importance to Lisa.

Dealing with Adult Hunger

While often not discussed in the news, adults across America are increasingly faced with hunger issues, especially seniors. That’s why Lisa was shocked when President Trump’s budget director suggested that Meals on Wheels doesn’t deserve Federal support.  Programs that address this issue should be supported and strengthened in communities that may not have the resources to address it without Federal assistance.