September 14, 2017 • Press Release

Mandelblatt Statement on House Spending Bill


Thursday, September 14, 2017 
Contact: Jason Robert Henry

WESTFIELD, NJ - Today the Republican majority in House of Representatives passed a 2018 spending bill that cuts training for teachers, cuts $3.3 billion in student financial aid, attacks vital women's health programs, cuts funding to protect the environment, and will cause health care premiums to skyrocket. 

Lisa Mandelblatt, Democratic candidate for Congress in New Jersey's 7th Congressional District, offered the following statement following Rep. Leonard Lance's "yea" vote on the bill:

“Once again, Rep. Lance has shown that his allegiance is to his party bosses in Washington and not to our communities here in New Jersey. With one vote, Leonard Lance has turned his back on education, women's health, clean air and water, and affordable health care. As a lifelong New Jerseyan, I am tired of our representative in Washington paying lip service to us during election season, only to turn his back on us once he is back in Washington." 

Since announcing her candidacy in May, Lisa Mandelblatt's campaign has focused on investing in quality jobs for New Jerseyans, addressing vital infrastructure needs, ensuring New Jersey maintains a top-notch education system for all students, and fighting for affordable healthcare.


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