Money in Politics

Getting big money out of politics needs to be a top priority.  Citizens United was one of the most dangerous decisions made by the Supreme Court, because it allows special interests and billionaires to spend unlimited, untraceable amounts of money to sway elections. It means foreign governments could be influencing our elections and we would never know because secret donations - also known as dark money - are currently allowed under the law.

Citizens United has made a bad problem even worse.  In the 2016 election, outside groups spent almost 190 million dollars and HALF of all money donated to Super PACs came from only 50 donors.  It could not be more clear that the voices of real people are being drowned out by special interests.

The easiest place to start is transparency.  Lisa will demand full disclosure of all donations to all campaigns and organizations so voters are as informed as possible when they head to the polls. If we know who is giving the money, then voters can decide for themselves if they want to listen.  The ultimate goal, which will take real people weighing in, is to overturn Citizens United. We need a new member of Congress in Lisa Mandelblatt who is dedicated to changing the broken system, not perpetuating it.