Military and Our Veterans

Lisa is committed to supporting our troops, whether they are currently serving or have returned home as veterans. These men and women serve our country nobly, and we need to provide them the resources on and off the battlefield to keep them healthy and safe.  

Building a 21st Century Military

While diplomacy is always the preferred course of action and we must only send our troops into harm’s way when it is absolutely necessary; Lisa believes that America needs an agile military that puts the safety and effectiveness of our troops front and center in order to deal with threats from ISIS, North Korea, and terrorists who wish to do Americans harm.  We must ensure that members of our military have the equipment, training, and intelligence they need to defend our country at all times, not just when it’s politically popular.

Supporting our Veterans

In addition to protecting and supporting our active and reserve troops, we must provide security and opportunity for veterans, keeping the promises we made to them and their families when they took an oath to protect our country. That includes improving access and quality of the VA System, removing barriers and speeding up the process to get Veterans the mental health care they may need, and recognizing that young veterans have a different set of experiences from your average college graduate; helping them find post-military opportunities that can put their skills to work.