Jobs and the Economy

Small business owners employ a majority of the people in our private workforce. Over the past twenty years, small businesses have been the primary source of job creation and are the backbone of our economy.  It is small businesses that provide families with sustaining jobs.

Supporting Small Businesses

Lisa’s experience in helping to revitalize Westfield’s downtown has given her a unique understanding of the needs of small business owners.   She strongly believes that we need to make it easier for small business to obtain loans and start-up funds.  It is also necessary to find a way to reduce health insurance costs for these business owners so that they can provide quality healthcare to their employees while at the same time continuing to operate successfully.

Reclaim New Jersey’s position as an innovation hub

From Thomas Edison’s Menlo Park, to Bell Labs and housing 14 of the world’s 20 largest biopharmaceutical and medical device companies, New Jersey has historically been a leader in innovation and technology. Lisa understands that it is vital that the Garden State keeps pace in pushing the envelope in innovation and in return providing quality jobs for our neighbors. As a member of Congress she will look for ways to help grow these jobs here in New Jersey.

Make it in America

In order to promote manufacturing in this country, we need to make important changes to both our trade agreements and our tax code. That also includes cutting wasteful government spending and making sure the tax code is fair to middle class New Jersey families.

While it is true that automation and advances in technology have caused a decline in manufacturing jobs across America, our economic policies have hurt American workers, as well. Congress needs to enact policy that incentivizes advanced manufacturing which we can export to the rest of the world. This will put New Jerseyans to work, and help balance our trade deficit.

We also need to replace free trade with fair trade; making sure that our trade partners all play by the same rules. Too often we trade with nations who play fast and loose with environmental and labor standards, which ultimately make it hard for New Jersey workers to compete. Congress also needs to close the corporate tax loopholes that encourage corporations to outsource jobs at the expense of local workers, and we need to reward responsible businesses who reinvest here at home.

Equal Pay for Equal Work

Rep. Patricia Schroeder was fighting for Pay Equity when Lisa was working in her office 32 years ago.  At the current rate, women will not achieve pay equity until 2058! 

Lisa is committed to fight for pay equity.  With women as the primary breadwinner in 50% of all households, and 42% of all mothers as primary or sole breadwinners, the pay equity gap is a family issue.  Along these lines, Lisa recognizes that we must provide new parents with paid family leave and affordable, quality childcare.  Lisa also believes in providing protections for workers caring for a family member at home.