As an American-Jew raised in the Reform tradition, Lisa fundamentally believes in Israel’s right to exist and to protect her citizens.  During the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War, Lisa and her Hebrew School classmates went door-to-door selling Israeli bonds to support the war effort.  Her support of Israel was furthered during her visit to Israel during high school when she met Israelis her own age preparing for their time in the Israeli Defense Force.  Lisa understands that while the road to peace is complex, the United States should always be committed to supporting Israel on the path to a lasting, sustaining peace with her neighbors.

Israel is the United State’s closest friend and ally in the Middle East. A strong and stable Israel is not only beneficial to Israeli citizens, but directly benefits the United States’ interests both at home and abroad. Lisa believes in unwavering support for Israel through foreign aid, joint anti-terrorism efforts and the promotion of a negotiated two-state solution.  A durable and lasting peace will only be achieved with direct negotiations between the two sides resulting in a Jewish state of Israel and a demilitarized Palestinian state.