As the daughter of a public school guidance counselor, a graduate of a public high school, and a substitute elementary school teacher in Westfield, Lisa understands that high quality education is critical to securing a good paying job and supporting a family.  Lisa also understands the importance of education to the growth and success of our country in a global economy.  Strengthening our economy starts in our classrooms.

Research has clearly shown that children who attend preschool are more likely to graduate from high school and college than children who do not attend preschool.  Lisa supports increasing funding to provide expanded access to early childhood education programs.

Strengthening New Jersey’s Public Schools

While New Jersey’s 7th District has some of the best public K-12 schools in the country, Lisa believes that schools must be provided with the resources to continue to be competitive in a constantly evolving digital, global economy.  This will not only ensure that the Garden State is an attractive place for employers, but also will continue to attract families to our communities. This includes supporting our most valuable asset, our teachers, and understanding that adequate compensation is critical to hiring and retaining talented educators. We also need to ensure that New Jersey’s public schools' STEM programs are a vital part of our children’s curriculum, preparing them to compete in a global economy.

Lending a hand to our students and their families

Likewise, expanding access to higher education is an investment in our future.  Lisa believes that steps must be taken to make college more affordable.  The cost of a college education dissuades too many students from enrolling and the potential for being saddled with student loan debt is often enough to prevent our brightest students from pursuing a college degree.  Lisa will fight to keep college within reach for those who wish to pursue higher education and supports innovative programs to make tuition more affordable and accessible, such as allowing graduates to refinance at current rates, cutting rates so government never profits from college student loans, and cracking down on predatory schools, lenders, and bill collectors.

Providing Opportunities for Skilled Trades

Many businesses are struggling to find enough qualified skilled workers to fill their needs.  By supporting trade schools and apprenticeships we can not only fill these holes in our workforce, but also provide opportunities for young people who would prefer not to enroll in a traditional 4-year college or university.